100 Things To Do! 

Looking for something to do? Mike's two books, The Getaway Guy: Road Trip Getaways with Mike O'Brian and The Getaway Guy: 50 MORE Day Trip Getaways with Mike O'Brian each offer 50 unique and exciting places to visit throughout Upstate and Western New York. 

Experience places you've never seen before, or have a look inside something you may have driven by a dozen times but just haven't stopped in yet. From dinner cruises to country getaways, there's something for everyone in both fun-filled 128 page paperbacks. The book comes complete with maps, pictures and all the necessary information on each destination, including Mike's insider tips.

The Getaway Guy has taken all the stress out of traveling to these 

100 remarkable nearby locales. The Getaway Guy makes the 

perfect gift for friends and family, and it fits right into your car's 

glovebox for those spontaneous adventures!

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